Annie creates a safe and personal environment for you to ask about whatever you'd like to know...

Authenticity, compassion, sincerity, integrity are the words that come to mind when I think about Annie Jury. She offers her rare gifts of intuition and wisdom with abundant, genuine energy. This beautiful generous soul has been there to illuminate a path through the darker valleys of my life and it was she who heralded my greatest happiness in phenomenal detail two months before it happened, giving me hope and courage to believe in my dreams that really did come true.
– Rebekah

Annie has been reading for me for about 8 years now and I go to see her on a regular basis. The readings have always been very accurate and sometimes Annie will pick up on something in a reading that will happen a few months later that I did not think would happen or even consider. I always write my readings down after I see Annie and go back to read them after few months and most of the things that have been said to me have taken place. I also see Annie a she helps me with spiritual guidance and acts like a counsellor for me and after seeing her I aways feel much more peaceful and feel happier about the dircection or path that I need to take.
– Melanie

I met Annie about 12 years ago for what was to be my first ever Tarot reading. I was very low then and was going through some very difficult times and in need of some positive and optimistic insight into what was happening. Then my angel appeared that I had been praying for, Annie. The time that she took to describe and explain the cards and her caring nature was my saviour. Annie showed me how not to despair and that even in the darkest situation there can always be light. I have seen her regularly since then and she always manages to uplift me. Her readings have been eerily accurate. She definitely has a special gift and I have and will and would recommend her highly to all my friends.
– Mil

I have received a variety of taro readings from Annie and have found them to be insightful and helpful to see greater detail into my life from past, present and for the future events occurring. Her readings have provided me with extra confidence and security into the fine details of my inner life tapestry. I would highly recommend Annie to whom who wishes to receive a reading from her.
– Jessica

Over the years that I have been receiving clearing, guidance and direction from Annie I have always felt safe and trusted in her intuitive wisdom and wholeheartedly recommend visiting this wise woman.
– Christopher

My name is Tula and I am a shaman and healer with a huge client base. I have personally known Annie for 13 years and was very mind blown with the accuracy and personal detail of her initial reading and subsequent readings thereafter. I find her to be so tuned in and empowering that I will often send my clients to her and they always give me very positive feedback and are thrilled that I recommend her. Whether it’s confirmation that you are seeking or guidance for the best path to embark on, Annie’s gentle yet honest channelling in my opinion is second to none!
– Tula

I have had the pleasure of Annie’s readings for about 8 years now. She is alway insightful compassionate and accurate. I look forward to many more readings with Annie. I found Annie’s readings extremely accurate, which helped me a lot while making very difficult and important decisions. Many thanks Annie.
– Margaret

Annie is an insightful reader who has assisted me with complex personal and work situations A compassionate, wise and trustworthy person and reader I totally recommend her if you a looking for insight or a confidant.
– Rose Angel

I have had readings from Annie the past 10 years. I have been to several psychics and clairvoyants in the past and none of them have been as accurate or consistent as Annie. Annie lets you base your reading around your questions and the issues you need guidance in. Annie also has a way of explaining a situation with sensitivity and always tells you what you need to hear not necessarily what you want to hear. Not just a psychic but a spiritual guardian. Highly recommended!
– Renai

Annie Jury is a talented reader who shares her interpretations of the tarot cards with sincerity, conviction and heartfelt compassion. Annie shares what she sees with laughter and a warm smile and has the ability to tell it like it is whilst offering hope & direction for the future at the same time. I love to see her lay out her beautiful well loved worn tarot cards. I’ve never seen a set quite like them and I have grown as fond of them as I have of Annie.
– Deb

No matter what the message is, I always feel empowered, balanced and joyous after a session with Annie.
– Torun