We all create our own reality.  It is our thoughts and emotions that create the world that we see around us.  We all have expectations that to a large extent are based on our past experiences and if we have had difficulties in our lives, our fear is that we are going to experience the same difficulties again.  Fear is a very powerful thoughtform with extreme emotions attached to it and when we sink into fear, we start to attract the very things that we don’t want.

When we make this realisation in our lives, it gives us the power to begin to transform our old patterns and to focus our thoughts and feelings on what we want, not what we fear.  This is when we begin to see positive changes around us.  We all have free will and it’s only the prison of our own thoughts and emotions that stops us from experiencing a joyful life.

Annie can help you to find that positivity and make choices which will bring more peace, joy, love, good health and abundance into your life.  She is able to help you to find the best path forward.