A great website with information for those new to astrology as well as more seasoned astrologers.  You can enter your birth data and those of your loved ones and friends and generate charts that are interactive and informative.  You can look at relationship charts (composite charts) and see why you are attracted and what your challenges may be, as well as individual daily horoscopes specifically for you and it's all free!  There are also more extensive paid horoscope choices if you wish...

techniques and meditations for healing and manifestation

techniques and meditations for healing and manifestation

Suzanna Kennedy is an inspirational teacher who's Consciousness 2.0 Technology™' is very powerful and gives those she works with the ability to heal and manifest their true 'Paradise'.

Suzanna:  I am not given to spout new-age philosophy and leave you struggling to figure out how to apply it to your life. My Master’s Degree in Performance Technology prepared me to design solutions that permanently change you — at the cellular level of your DNA!

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